Saturday, October 11, 2014

"Meet The Mormons" Movie Review

I saw "Meet the Mormons" last night at a local theater. The missionary mom profiled in the movie said, "One choice can change everything." I agree with her wholeheartedly. I thought about that a lot today. That led me to think about my favorite poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost that I matched up with this picture. I took this a few years ago at the entrance to the cemetery in Bennington, Vt where he is buried. When I was 18 years old, I had a choice between two very different paths. I chose the one "less traveled" and was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That one choice truly did change everything for me, so much so that I wrote a book about my Conversion. It is a choice I am grateful for every day of my life. For anyone wondering what everyday life is like for a Mormon, the movie is worth seeing . It profiles the lives of six Mormons dispelling odd myths and weird stereotypes about Mormons that some like to perpetuate. It's interesting. The movie is simply meant to shed some light on the lives of various Mormons. Don't expect deep doctrine or in-depth discussions of the tenets of our religion. For that, there are over 80,000 missionaries around the world happy to discuss them with anyone interested. My son is one of them. Choices really do determine destiny and destiny really does affect eternity. :) #meetthemormons #sharegoodness

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  1. Very nice thoughts. I love that Robert Frost poem also. Looking forward to seeing this movie soon.