Monday, November 3, 2014

Family Here, Family There, Family Family Everywhere

 has come and gone
to the delight of the children
and their grandparents.
Elisa was here
as was Sarah the butterfly catcher
to catch Hannah the butterfly.
(She made her costume).
We sat outside to hand out candy 
because it was so warm.
Nathan loved handing out candy.
It was a nice evening.
Better because we had family here with us.
 Last week Sarah, the kids and I went
to Gardner Village's Witchfest.
Hannah was intrigued
but loved dancing best of all.
She danced
and danced
and danced. :)
She's a good hip swinger.
We saw flying witches on bicycles
and other whimsical witches.
There was a lot to look at.
 If only they would keep
 their eyes open for pictures!
Last week I also found a book of hundreds of my ancestors in the genealogy library. It was compiled by someone in Germany using four books of parish records. It is beautifully done, well organized, and comprehensive. The title says (in German) it is a "family book" . A wonderful man in Germany who doesn't even know me took the time years ago to compile a book of MY family. I am most grateful and quite overwhelmed by the find...speechless with gratitude. I will spend a wonderful fall/winter researching the names and building a comprehensive family tree thanks to the efforts of a kind soul. May God bless him.
 So family here (Nathan was also a knight)
and family there
no matter where they are...
family is the best.
I am grateful to know that my family can be eternal.

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