Saturday, November 8, 2014

We Love Him Like Our Own Son

Yesterday we went to the wedding of someone
 we love as if he were our own son.
Chris came into our lives years ago as
 a good friend to our daughter Emma.
 Although he has his own
 Mom and Dad and extended family,
  he just sort of has become our unofficial adopted son.
He finally met his perfect match a few months ago.
They were married yesterday in the
 Oquirrh Mountain Temple.
Now we feel like we love Corinne as well. 
She's absolutely beautiful in every way.
We couldn't be more happy for them.
The whole day was beautiful. 
The weather was perfect and
 we spent the day enjoying family and friends.
Pretty colors.
Emma, Sarah, me, and Ian at the reception.
Wade and Jessa were there too. :)
It was just a great day.
Congratulations Chris and Corinne!

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