Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Equals Family

We had a really lovely Christmas.
 Actually it was three days of Christmas celebrations. 
We started off with our annual Christmas Fireplace Party.
It was great to have Nathan 
and Hannah join us this year.
 Christmas really is for the children.
The fireplace is a nice setting for an evening 
of telling stories and
enjoying time together.
Joy sums it up quite nicely.
We visited Ian & jessa and Baby James
on the afternoon of Christmas Eve.
He's a beautiful baby,
but still no traveling for him yet.
Happy me.
We had a simple Christmas Eve
 dinner planned this year.
We had a candlelight lasagna dinner.
Jim read the Christmas story after dinner.
 Presents ready to go under the tree.
We woke up to a beautiful white Christmas.
More joy.
We had Christmas breakfast at 
Sarah and Gregory's apartment.
 Jim helped cook.
(Guess what he got for Christmas?)
Hannah was no end of delightful.
She loved the Elsa and Anna dolls we got her.
And Nathan
loved the remote control dump truck.
 And can I just say how HAPPY 
I am to have a new camera!
Thanks Jim. :)
The highlight of the day was 
talking to Seth via Google Chat.
 We always have family prayer
 during the missionary call home.
He's doing really well.
We miss him.
 Just a few more images from the last few days.
A new camera is a great thing.
Even if certain people make fun of you
 when you ask to take their picture
 so you can try out your new camera. :)
My nephew Jonathan stopped by for Christmas dinner.
All in all,
it was just a great Christmas.
Soon it's time to take down the decorations
and prepare for a New year.
Here's hoping the New Year 
brings more family joy.

I am a blessed woman, 
and I am most grateful

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