Monday, December 8, 2014

Such A Busy Week

So much has happened, yet there's been so little time to write about it. Some weeks are like that. I spent the day today with baby James and Jessa. Fabulous.
 He finally came home yesterday afternoon.
He spent most of the night crying loudly, but slept beautifully today. Go figure. He is a very beautiful baby, albeit quite small. He weighed in yesterday at 5 lbs. 4 oz-they weighed him wrong the day he was born. It's great to see Ian become a father.
 Baby James has some growing to do, 
but I  think he'll be just fine.
Ian and Jessa seem to have stepped right into the roles of good parents. They are wonderful together.
I celebrated a birthday the other day. Nathan and Hannah brought me birthday balloons. Hannah kept asking me to get my balloons so we could play with them. She kept saying as sweetly as she could, "Happy Birthday Grandma Liz." It was just delightful. Elisa and Emma were also here and helped me decorate for Christmas, which I greatly appreciated.

I heard from Seth today. He's doing so well these days, and he sounds genuinely happy.
He and his companion experienced the joy of seeing someone else receive the ordinance of  baptism. Here are a few snippets from his email home:

I asked him if he was eating enough food. He replied, "I eat ridiculously large amounts of food and I don't gain weight... I will be looking for the Christmas box. Thanks so much for sending it. I won't open it until Christmas. I promise...Thanks for being such an amazing Mom...Transfers are Wednesday. I will be training a new missionary, so I don't know his name yet....I know that this is God's work. I know that He lives! I know that He loves us more than we could ever know...I forgot to tell two things. Our ward has a musical fireside on Sunday. I get to sing in it. I am going to be in a version of away in a manger that has four men in it. :) Then four days later is our mission Christmas party. We are doing four songs as a mission choir. We have sung three of them in choirs back home. It is such a good feeling to sing those songs again at Christmas time. :)We had a great lesson with  our two investigators this week. I felt one of the strongest spiritual confirmations of what we were teaching. One of the most powerful I have ever felt on my mission. I was able to tell them with absolute surety that what they were feeling was the Spirit of God and a manifestation of His love for them. They understood God deeper than ever before. It was about how God is perfect at unconditional love..."

Nice. So much learning and growth.

I love our birthday tradition of "Person-of-the-Day. All of us write a very short "something" in an email that gets added to during the day of whomever's birthday it is. The comments are always uplifting and enjoyable to read. It is a way to reinforce love one for another. Here are some of the comments that my family wrote about me today. They are so thoughtful, so I want to keep them:

From Emma:
I love Mom because she is a go-getter! If she sets her mind to something, it's getting done...gosh dang it! Happy Birthday Mom!!!! 

From Jim:
Mom is the person of *my* day/week/month/year/life/eternity...She's a faithful and devoted wife/mom/grandma, the kind that everyone wants on their side, praying for them ...She's a social media babe, author, overall mega-good Love You).

From Gregory:
I like Liz because she has clarity of purpose - she knows what she wants her life to be about, and she works consistently toward those goals over time spans measured in decades.

From Ian:
I love mom because she relies on the Lord. She has been continually praying and relying on the Lord to help Jessa and our baby be safe. Another *slightly* (but only barely!) lesser reason: she makes me meatballs!!!! ; )  Love you mom!

From Wade (who loves to call me "Mrs. Freeman):
I like "Mrs. Freeman" for many reasons; for like having at least "3" children and naming that third one Emma, for always listening to my "true" stories, for feeding me on my times of visit and countless others. Happy Birthday (week)!!!

From Elisa:

I like Mom because she taught me by example how to be a good leader and how to be faithful and diligent. Whenever people ask how I learned to serve, I tell them, "clearly, you haven't met my mother." Love you Mom! 

From Seth:
I love mom because she was my prime gospel teacher (I read that talk in the Ensign this week). She was my constant source of help in life and the gospel. I could always go to her for help and advice and did many times. She didn't stop me from asking endless questions. She has been the single largest influence in my life in becoming who I am. She has the strongest testimony of God's love and has helped me understand that. Thanks mom. :) 

From Chris:
I love Mrs. Freeman because she has loved me.  She has always been kind to me.  She has always fed me.  She has always let me climb her balcony.  She has always welcomed me to hang out with her kids, herself and Jim.  She has been excited for my accomplishments and she has been empathetic to my sorrows.  She was extremely happy to see me get married and I love that Corinne and I could share our special day with her.  She is the best second Mom that anyone could ever want.  

What more can a woman ask? I feel greatly blessed in so many ways. It's been a very good week.

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