Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Moment In Time

Today I met the man who was instrumental in my conversion 36 years ago. I even wrote about him in the first chapter of my book Conversion. He never knew it. I only knew him from afar. The exchange was tender and sweet. He thanked me for telling him. I thanked him for the blessing he was in my life. 36 years is a long time, yet God orchestrated this moment for the both of us. Once again, I am humbled and grateful. God is real. He seeks to bless us, and when He does and we know it was He who did it, it is called a "tender mercy."

                                   "they bowed themselves down...
                         and did humble themselves before the Lord,
                             and did shed tears of joy before the Lord,
                                         because of the multitude
                                  of his tender mercies over them."
                                                     Ether 6:12
                                          (The Book of Mormon)

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