Sunday, February 1, 2015

Blessing Day For Baby James

Today was blessing day for baby James. He is such a beautiful baby, and he has a very sweet disposition. I took this picture, and I absolutely love the way it came out.
According to traditional Mormon naming and blessing 
of babies, James was blessed by his father, Ian.
James comes from a long 
line of James' on my husband's side.
 It is wonderful that he is named 
to carry on the tradition.
It's always hard to get everyone
smiling at the same time.
Jim, me, James, Jessa, and Ian.
James is our third grandchild.
We feel very blessed.
Jessa is a wonderful mother.
We already love James so much.

Here are a few more pictures
 from the gathering after the blessing:
 We took lots of pictures.
I love this of me and my girls.
Emma, Elisa, and Sarah.
My Mom is in this one too.
Love this.
Elisa has a thing for photo bombing.
My Mom and James.
Jim telling stories.
Our two sons-in-law,
Gregory and Wade.
 James and his great, great Aunt Jean.
Hannah and my Mom.
She sure is cute.
Nathan and Gregory.
 He sure is growing.
Wade, Emma, and Nathan.
It was just a great, great day.

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