Saturday, February 21, 2015

Prince Of Peace

I wrote the following poem many years ago. I will reference it tomorrow in a talk I need to give in a church meeting. I thought I would publish it here on my blog in case it might be of benefit to someone else.

Prince of Peace

My heart began to fail
As the fear began to grip me.
I saw the waves,
Enormous waves
Crushing my spirit.

In the distance
I see my Savior.
He beckons me
With outstretched arms.
“Come unto me” He calls.
I’d forgotten.
Keep your eyes fixed on mine,
For I am here.

O heart, be strong.
Eyes, you know your task.
Look not away.
Be not distracted
By the storm—
The storm of doubt and fear.

Remember His words
To another long ago:
“O thou of little faith,
Wherefore didst thou doubt?”

My eyes—now fixed—
Will never leave the eyes of the Master
Of the sea and sky.
He has surrounded me with His peace
And the storm has ceased.

©Elizabeth Anne Freeman
January 15, 2000

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