Monday, February 16, 2015

Sunday Dinner

Since most of our children are older and/or married with their own families, we've established a family dinner gathering as a way of trying to keep our family together. We chose the third Sunday of the month for our family dinner. We decided that we would put it on the calendar, and if people could come that day it would be great. We also decided that if no one could come, we would still have family dinner together anyway. Yesterday we had a lovely family gathering. It was also Jessa's birthday, so all the better.
Happy Birthday Jessa!
We LOVE her!
Great cupcakes Sarah.
It was the first time baby James
came to Grandma's house.
Me with my two grandsons.
I love this SO much.
Nathan is quite taken with his cousin.
He's a typical 4 year old in every way.
Hannah liked having her picture taken.
And she liked the chocolate cupcakes.
Male bonding
and female bonding.
It was just a lovely time,
and I love my family.

It was also Valentine's Day weekend.
Jim gave me BEAUTIFUL roses
that he let me pick out with him.
That was a lot of fun
and a great memory.
He also gave me a beautiful
silver and pearl bracelet.

He's a good guy.
I really like him.

What a nice weekend.

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