Monday, March 9, 2015

Some Pictures, Some Thoughts, And Some Dancing

Tonight's sunset was beautiful.
It always amazes me.
This is a picture of the missionaries in Seth's last area right before he got transferred. The missionary in the red chair opposite Seth also goes home when he does, but she goes home to Canada.
Now he's in a new area with a new companion.

This is what he said in his email home today:
" I am going to do my best to be as pure a missionary as I can during these [last] three months [of my mission]. I think that is something that will help lift the ward, and our investigators. I want to be completely obedient and to do more than just do what missionaries do. I want to think the way representatives of Christ should, and desire the things that true missionaries desire."

He makes me cry. I am so grateful he loves the Lord the way he does and so grateful he serves the way he does. May God bless him and his companion.

This is a picture of Sarah in her costume for a clogging performance with her team. They are all young mothers. They dressed up as grannies and choreographed a hilarious dance. It was really great. Poor Nathan didn't understand that his mom couldn't stop mid-dance to wave and say hello to him. Enjoy.

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