Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring Has Sprung On Temple Square

I spent a wonderful hour on Temple Square today taking pictures of the spring flowers with the new camera I received at Christmas.
The flowers are BEAUTIFUL.
Spring has come early to Utah this year.
Even some of the tulips are blooming this early.
I love this one. It's a small statue of Joseph Smith as if he's walking toward the temple. I thought to myself that he would be pleased to see what's become of the Church he founded.
Of course it's Christ's church. Joseph Smith was the prophet chosen by God to restore Christ's church to the earth in these latter days.
as the full name states.
The gardeners on Temple Square do a fabulous job.
And it seems they are always at it.
 Today they were unwrapping  the ornamental grasses.
I love this one.
And the hyacinth fragrance was worth the trip.
So pretty.
Lots of daffodils.
Great color schemes.
 The trees are beginning to bloom as well.
I love this with the reflection of the temple in the window.
The tree blossoms make a pretty frame.
There are always families taking pictures in front of the temple.
 And there are so many great shots to choose from.
Like this one of the temple on a beautiful spring morning.
But tulips are my favorite.
And where there are tulips, there are always pansies.
Plenty of them.
Of all sizes and colors.
The blossoms are so great to look at.
No matter what stage they are at.
Like these blooming in my yard.
Or these from my yard
from the tree on the side of my house.
Flowers aren't the only thing on Temple Square.
 There are always sister missionaries.
This sister is from Norway. She and her companion and I had a great discussion about sharing the gospel and why we do it. I told them about my blog and asked if I could take their pictures. They told me only if I was in it. :) 
We share the gospel because we love the Lord, 
and we love His gospel of peace and joy.
And because we want to share that joy with others.

Happy Spring!

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  1. Beautiful pictures of beautiful flowers!