Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I have enjoyed Easter week since I have been a young girl. It has always been important to me to stop and contemplate the events of the last week of our Savior's life. It is a tender time for me. It is especially so this year for various reasons. I look forward to celebrating Easter, but more importantly I strive to keep the meaning of Easter in my heart all year round. I love this painting of the risen Christ by Brent Borup. It is one of my favorite pictures of Christ.

I appreciate the media efforts of my church for sharing the events of Christ's final week in a digital display called Easter Week . I also really like the video #BecauseHeLives that does a good job of helping us to draw closer to Him at this wonderful time of year.

I wish everyone could take some time to ponder the meaning of our Savior's life, death, and resurrection. It know it will bring peace to those who wonder, those who grieve, and those who search for meaning in their lives. It has mine. Happy Easter.

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