Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Lovely Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day this past Sunday. As always, the highlight was the missionary call home from Seth. The connection was really poor, but it was a delight to speak to him. Everybody was here, and they were all so happy to visit with each other that at times it seemed like bedlam and chaos. When our family gets talking, it seems like everyone talks at once, so it really was just a normal experience around here. Nonetheless, it was a great time. Seth comes home two weeks from today. The time is really passing quickly now.
I LOVED having my children visit.
We did what we could to get a picture with Seth in it. 
I love this one with Ian.
And this one with Emma.
And this one with Sarah.
And baby James too!
We will miss Elisa when she moves away
after she is married.
Somebody coming home, 
and somebody leaving again.
Nathan loves the playroom.
So does Hannah.
  She really loves Grandpa.
Sarah and James
 Ian and James
Jessa and Elisa
 This is the best.
OK, maybe this is.
Not everybody could stay for dinner.
All the more chocolate strawberries for those who stayed.
Gregory made these-fabulous!
 Before Ian left,
he demonstrated the new electric powered
 longboard he designed and created.
He lives to invent, design, and create.
I was duly impressed.
And last but not least is this four generation
 Mother's Day photo of 
my mom, me, Sarah, and Hannah. 
It's a real treasure.


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